Spring Clean Your Office

Whether you work in a cube, home office or corner office, your work space is a reflection of your organization and personality. What does yours say about you? With hectic schedules and meeting-packed days, it’s easy for it to get cluttered and chaotic, affecting your productivity and maybe even your next promotion. With Spring on its way, now’s the perfect time for an office clean up. The following 3Ds of spring cleaning will get you started.

De-clutter. A year of going in and out of your filing cabinet can wreak havoc on your organizational system, papers skewed every which way. Take time to review and consolidate the contents of each file, recycling papers and folders where you can. Re-alphabetize and reorganize for future easy access. Cull through the cards in your Rolodex too, discarding – or moving into permanent storage – those individuals you’re likely to never call. Clear your bulletin board of memos and reminders by typing the information onto a single sheet. If you’re the kind of person who likes to keep your projects at your fingertips, neatly label a folder for each job and place your files in a desktop organizer. De-clutter your drawers, replenish supplies, then wipe down your phone and desktop with antibacterial cloths.

Dust. Your keyboard and mouse get the most use, so spend some time carefully cleaning them. It’s easy for food particles, dust and other debris to collect between the keys. Simply shake your keyboard over the garbage bin or use compressed air in a can for the hard to reach places. Gently wipe the keypads with a soft cloth. Do the same with your mouse and computer screen. It’s best to do this when your computer is turned off.

Delete. Every time you turn on or make a request of your computer, it goes through a process, scanning files and programs to deliver what you need. If it’s slower than you’d like, now’s the time to delete old or never used files from your hard drive. Store them on a back up disk, CD or memory stick. Reorganize your electronic files with an easy-to-remember system like “Advertising expenses 2015” or “Memos to staff Q1.”

Spring cleaning your office doesn’t just refresh your work space, it helps you reorganize and refocus for the upcoming months. Start cleaning today!


How Much Is A Gazillion?

World English Dictionary

gazillion  (ɡəˈzɪljən)
—  , pl -lions -lion
1. often pl ) an extremely large but unspecified number, quantity, or amount: We saved a gazillion dollars using Gazillion Office Products!
— determiner
2. a. amounting to a gazillion: a gazillion types to choose from
b. ( as pronoun ): I found a gazillion under the sink

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We Found Another Way to Use Large Binder Clips!

So, during the monthly pillow wash I couldn’t find a coat hangar strong enough to hold a semi wet pillow so, I thought to myself, I sell office products. Where are the binder clips? Next thing you know I am taking a picture posting it on the blog.

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